My Journey

Hand-crafted, High-Quality Organic Skincare Products

Are you looking for perserative-free, hand-crafted organic skin products? Do you have sensitive skin or allergies? Colorado Pure & Simple is here for you. I take pride in offering unisex, hand-crafted, preservative- free, bath and body products, organic soaps, hand lotion, whipped body butters and essential oils, with wellness benefits for your skin, and the environment.  All of my products are customizable to suit one's preference of essential oil scents and types of butters preferred, i.e, male or female essential oils, Shea, Cocoa and/or Mango Butters.  

Supporting Small and Local Businesses

Supporting small businesses encourages individuals to be entrepreneurial. It fuels innovation and keeps the “American Dream” alive. At Colorado Pure & Simple, I patronize local small businesses, to obtain fresh botanicals. My team and I buy organic ingredients from grocery stores in our community and from locally-owned-and-operated businesses.


  • To use fresh, sustainable ingredients to craft wholesome, safe, natural, and effective skin care products that are free from artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals
  • To harness the power and simplicity of nature to cleanse, soothe, heal, and protect your skin
  • To operate a business with a vision for helping customers have healthy skin, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy planet guided by my core values

Core Values

  • People (Our Customer Community): My greatest asset
  • Integrity and Honesty: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • Community Responsibility: I respect my customers, my country, and the planet.
  • Quality: I offer only the best products and services.
  • Innovation: Always dream - “To boldly go where no man has gone before”
  • Attitude: Together, we can!
  • Education: Listening, learning, and discerning fact from fiction
  • Fun: Turning dreams and ideas into reality

Purchase Organic Skin Products

Colorado Pure & Simple offers organic skin care products that are gentle and nature-derived. Free shipping is available on some products. To get more information about my products or for help with placing an order, get in touch!